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Apex Aronia provides unparalleled supplements with the ultimate in qualitative and quantitative immune support. We believe in manufacturing the highest quality and maximum potency products that are easy to consume and 100% natural. Our products will revive the youthfulness in you.

My Personal Story

The beginning of the pandemic and the uncertainty that comes with it, brought back the same feeling that was with me during my two high-risk pregnancies. The conclusion was the same, the only thing I could rely and count on was my own immune system.

I was honored and blessed to have the aid of the aronia extract - from a renowned scientist and inventor.

His decades-long career and experience have resulted in his own state of the art continuous counter current extractor, which is unlike any extractor in the world.

The healing effects of the aronia berry have been studied and documented since the 17th century. Due to the lack of technology, the process of simple squeezing did not leave a pleasant taste and more importantly, not all of its rich nutritional benefits were retained.

Thanks to the most modern method of extraction, Apex Aronia is the only extract in the world that extracts from all parts of the berry - flesh, skin and seeds. This superior process retains a high amount of pectins not present in squeezed juices. Due to the extremely high concentration of active ingredients, the required daily dose of a few drops allows people who are sensitive to certain tastes to take in all the nutrients. A few drops of Apex Aronia will provide the intake of active compounds comparable to the consumption of the usual amount of fresh red cabbage, purple onion, etc., during a meal.

As we all know very well, the best thing we can do for our own health is to maintain and improve our immune system.

In Good Health,

My Personal Story

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