State Of The Art Extractor

Our mission was to provide an unparalleled qualitative and quantitative immune support aronia berry supplement. We succeeded by using our technology highlighted by a state of the art extractor.

Subcritical extraction using water, which is acidified with food grade citric acid to pH 3 - 3.3, separates the water-soluble pectins from the aronia berry, which are not present in squeezed juices. Pectins are known beneficial dietary fibers, which, by reversible binding of low molecular weight compounds, enable their gradual release along the digestive tract.

Low temperature / high vacuum eliminates ethanol and most water, which yields a super concentrated extract as viscous dense liquid, containing an incomparable amount of antioxidant polyphenols.

Extremely short duration times in heated zones is designed to prevent degradation of substances and to preserve thermolabile extract components such as anthocyanins.

Our development of processes and technologies makes it possible to isolate the complete polyphenolic content from the aronia berry in the form of a concentrated extract while maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the fresh aronia.

Core of our technology